Incompetent pilots on the expert server

It looks like you’re still 4+ miles out in this picture… not unrealistic for a plane to be taking off. You can see they made it with plenty of space.

Planes keep accelerating after they rotate, and the MD-11 rotates at a higher speed than most. Starting to climb at 194 knots isn’t out of the question in an MD-11, especially with a heavy load on a hot day.

It’s unfortunate this pilot pulled out in front of you, and a moderator would likely report for that if they were to see it. I’m sorry it happened to you, but it’s good you took the right action and went around.

It’s frustrating when these things happen, but I wouldn’t describe the majority of what you me ruined as trolling, or even unrealistic. Nonetheless, flying correctly helps set a good example and keep expert professional. Keep up the positive work.