Incompetent pilots on the expert server

I Will need to show some call signs here, because last time this happened, ppl did not believe me so please do not flag this post

First off, we got a plane that is taking off, but I am on final. Already unrealistic and he should be holding short

Really man, Who rotates at 200 knots really?

Ok, continuing my landing because he’s airborne and it is a safe landing

WELL guess what happened next?
this incompetent pilot thinks that he can just takeoff whenever he wants doesn’t even check final

So I did the right thing and go around because this is not casual server but these pilots think it is

Come on man now he’s turning he’s trying to hit me

In total, that is five Trolls on the expert server in one flight this is ridiculous


I’m not saying all of these are A-Ok but the MD11 creates as much lift as a brick as the best of times and sometimes it may need a 190kt rotate speed. Also there isn’t much to prove this is on ES as well so its not able to be used as evidence.


I can rotate a heavy MD-11 at 165 knots

Yep, it’s ridiculous, but nothing can be done, as will say the next 38 people to reply…


Yah trolls come in on every server at big airports. It’s pretty common and not much can be done. :( Saw a troll at EGLL power up to 60 knots. slam on the brakes to 35. Then be a plane lawnmower. Just happened 2 hours ago, if it makes you feel better.

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Just because you can does not mean other people can. I agree the AC was a ridiculous pilot but. We all aren’t Emilia Earhart

The first one is fine from a separation standpoint. Regarding the other points all has been said already I fear…

While some of the other things were certainly unprofessional, rotating 10-20kts too late isn’t really a problem that affects anyone else. Additionally, the majority of pilots on Expert are professional, especially after the new requirements last update. This doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions, but I think at a certain point having to go around maybe once a month because of unprofessional pilots isn’t the largest problem.

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Some people are still learning, give them some time. I would also remove the tags and the replay bar. But yes, there are some pilots that shouldn’t be on ES


I wish the rules on the expert were even stricter 😤😤

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I don’t believe everything that one doesn’t like should be called trolling. People are also learning in the export server as well. Publicly calling them out in the forum really doesn’t do much but bring others attention to that pilot in my opinion. There are going to be people like that. Just keep doing what you are doing and be patient with them

Did you mean to respond to me? I’m confused lol

Just keep in mind the replay bar

You could’ve used a photo editor to draw over the names and keep the speed keeps anonymity and proves your point

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And, that is important because…?

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No you were just the last comment at the time

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Exactly, what is the AC’s name was visible, you can even use the editor on you IOS device if your using apple

Ok guys

what editor can i use then?