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so I’m landing at jfk after declaring fuel emergency, I get too 300ft about to touchdown and then I’m told to abort. needless to say 10 miles later i fall from 3,000 ft earning a nice overspeed violation. why declare an emergency if it doesn’t make your specific landing priority?

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Hey! People make mistakes sometimes. The best thing I recommend you do is to PM the controller directly and talk to them about it. No need to call the controller out publicly.

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PM’ed you the controller’s profile. I suggest you message them if you have an issue with their controlling.

As much as we IFATC try to accommodate fuel emergencies when they occur, you as the pilot are responsible for both the fuel management and control of your aircraft. When you are low on fuel at a busy airport like that of KJFK, it may best to divert. When you run out of fuel completely, the onus is on you to have made a decision prior to divert, especially with a plethora of diversion airports nearby (KEWR, KLGA, among others). Flying the pattern again, in a busy airspace nonetheless, does nothing but make the situation worse.

As a pilot, it is your job to load sufficient fuel for the flight prior to departure, and in the case that you do run low on fuel, make the decision to divert rather than attempt to fly the pattern in a busy airspace multiple times. While I’m not alleviating blame from the controller in question, I do think it’s a two-way street, especially in a situation like this.


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You didn’t call anyone out publicly and your concern is certainly valid. It is recommended that you message the controller with concerns of their controlling as that is the most effective way of getting answers.

The only person who knows why the controller did something is the controller. They will be able to run you through their thought process as there is always 2 sides to every story.

If that doesn’t work out, send a pm to @ moderators and we will assist you with your concern.

Everyone makes mistakes. Controllers have really high pressure on them when controlling airports such as JFK. It’s also kinda your fault because number 1, you should have had sufficient fuel for the journey plus some extra fuel. Number 2, JFK is very busy, you should have diverted to EWR or some other airports nearby if you were in an emergency situation. In real life and in IF, you have to expect to be given a holding pattern above the airport because there are so many other planes who want to land at the airport. Anyway, not trying to blame anyone, but personally, I think its a 2 way fault.

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Send a message to your controller. If you’re unsure who you should message, send me a pm, and I will get you in contact with them 🙂