Incoming Planes on live

Yesterday i was ATC on Training Server at EHAM. It was not very busy at the time, so i went looking at what planes where arriving to which airports. Then i thought, wouldn’t it be great to implement it in live flying too, that you can tap on an airport and see the tab “Incoming Planes”?

What do you mean like while you are flying not just atc

First of all, this would count as a #features request.
Second, I don’t see why this would really be necessary. Its something that probably nobody would use. But, there are resources online where you can see incoming aircraft, such as or, with the latter being better for having a place to see all inbounds to a particular airport.

This is already a feature. In ATC view just tap the top left button, select your airport, and you will find a list of how far away aircraft are from the destination airport.

There are other solutions to view incoming planes while not as ATC. @HiFlyer I believe shows Expert server aircraft only.

I know, but i thought it would be cool to have it when you are (for example) flying from Dublin to London, that you can tap on your arriving airport and it than shows you which planes are also coming to that airport

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