Including the exact runway heading in the airport information tab

I’d like to suggest adding the exact runway magnetic heading to the airport information tab:

First, it’s realistic - pilots have that information in charts.

Second, it’s useful - it will enable pilots to calculate the accurate headings while flying/joining pattern.

Third, it’s relatively easy to implement - the information already exists in the navigation database that’s maintained by the airport editing team.

I don’t really see how this is necessary as you’re easily able to just add zeros to the end and/or the start of the runway number and that will be the runway heading. However, I’m unsure how this information is provided in information charts, can you provide examples of runway headings being displayed in information charts?

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That will not give the exact heading, but a rounded one.

You get my vote. It is always waiting for ILS to know the heading,
Not a big deal, but can be use full sometimes.
Especially because we already get a tab with runway details.

A chart of EHAM, Schiphol.
Exact heading is visible on multiple charts.


If it is not so hard for the editing team, this could be a nice feature for pilots. I support it but unfortunately i dont have free votes because of requests on local liveries from my country…

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This is a good way for an approach controller to get into trouble.

Look at Hartsfield. They have 26s, 27s and a 28. All of them are 095/275.


it alredy exists when you approch you can select wich runway for ILS/GPS and there also it says the exact runway heading.Screenshot_20190822-194755-01


Oh alright, thanks for the correction!

Well then, seems like this feature request is useful then to what I thought it would be. Thanks for the clarification!

That would also help with the line-up, nice idea!

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Well I guess this topic can be closed now, since we got this with the new navigation system of 19.4.

Thank you IF development team!