Include all of Portugal in the free region


It would be awesome if the entire country of Portugal were included in the current free region included with the solo version of IF.

Currently we can only fly in the upper half of Portugal (see screenshot). Some major airports such as Lisbon (LPPT) and Faro
(LPFR) are inaccessible as a result.

Expanding the region would allow non pro users to do regional flights throughout Portugal and Spain.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider this request.

This is kinda useless, you get what you pay for, it helps support the devs, please stop begging for free stuff, they will occasionally release stuff for non pro players

or just buy the membership…? it doesnt cost much at all and as florida said above it supports the devs, making everything free would be pointless and get them no money to update so you either have to buy membership or get what if gave you

If the region box is shifted south, the same amount of area would be captured while allowing more of Spain and Portugal to be captured.

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Infinite flights goal is to get everyone to buy pro. For one, It is unfair to people who have been paying for a while. Also, an incredible amount of work is put into updates, and the game as itself, and what do the devs get if some things are free? In my opinion non-pro players actually get more than needed. So, if you really wanted it, just get pro. The membership is also much more cheaper than most flight related products.

I think this should be closed

It would be amazing to have at least one more free region with one or two routes in them. Or even join London, Paris and the former Amsterdam as a single big one (currently the first two are useless due to the lack of routes). Currently, a single 10$ month sub in Argentina for IF is +8000ARS (I mention this because many say that paying for a single month is the same as buying a sandwich).


Well in the US $10 isn’t that much

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Not everyone lives in the US, though.

In the uk it’s £10 a month