Incident with Moderator

I would like to report a moderator who taxiied into me yesterday at YSSY.
I will not put any photo or video here as it may end up starting a controversy or something. Please also note that I am not interested in beginning a controversy and all I am to do is find justice. I am only putting this up as I feel that the moderator could have braked and not taxiied into me (I think it was intentional- you will only find out once you see the screenshot or the replay.)

I need to know the steps that need to be taken to make this report and hope the team does not make a biased review or decision. I believe that if pilots make a mistake and end up getting reported, this should apply to all users.

I am sorry if this ended up in the wrong category as I couldnt figure out which category to put it under.


Hi there this message will be more suitable in PMing @moderators and also provide them with a replay aswell

good job for not saying who did this but i’d recommend you pm the mod or the moderators group next time instead of posting on the forum. They’ll check your replay and his nd see if it was intentional/lag.

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