Incident Report

Here’s an excerpt from Aviation Safety Net I think you’ll find interesting. I’m reminds of plane spotting on the Playground at KMIA!

A Boeing 777-3DZER, registration A7-BAC, suffered substantial damage when it struck the approach lighting system runway lights during takeoff from Miami International Airport, Florida.
Qatar Airways flight QR778 started taxying from Gate D14 at Miami Airport at 20:18 hours local time. The aircraft taxied via taxiway Sierra and entered runway 9 at intersection T1 for departure. Runway length available from this point was about 2610 m.
The underbelly of the aircraft impacted approach lighting system runway lights during takeoff at 20:32 hours. The approach lighting system was located 2950 m from the point where the aircraft entered the runway.
The flight continued to the destination Doha Airport, Qatar and landed without incident some 13,5 hours later.
The FAA reported that an inspection revealed damage that was described as substantial.

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Wow, that was quick :P

I’m not sure, but I think MIA - DOH is too far for a fully loaded B77W.

Anyway, Heavies should take off from the very beginning of the runway, especially when they are 100% loaded (-.-).


Wow how come under belly hit not landing gear. So they took off middle of runway, retracted landing gear by the time they reached approach lights still flying very low??? Unless tail strike ;), the pilot must have dreamed of flying Antonov mriya.


The pilot my friend apparently did most of his initial flight SIM Training on IF since this type incident is emulated almost daily on our Playground. The unansewered question here is who was watching the store. Why did the ATC give this guy the go from T-1! As Lauren’s stated this should have been a Threshold Launch… Max


are we able to see the picture??

See Miami Herald for pics or the eve news. No pics posted by ASN. Max

There’s a photo of the damaged lights on the thread

I would have expected such an incident involving an A340 instead of a B77W. You know what they say: It’s only possible for an A340 to take off due to the earths curvature :P

lol!!! The A340 is so long!