Incident on Sichuan Airlines Flight 3U8633

Airline: Sichuan Airlines
Flight: 3U8633
Departure: Chongqing
Destination: Lhasa
Aircraft: Airbus A319-133
Registration: B-6419
Age: Around 7 years

On Sichuan Airlines Flight 3U8633 from Chongqing to Lhasa one Cockpit windshield went lost at FL332. The airplane made an emergency decent to FL240. A further decent wasn’t possible because of the high terrain.

The lost windshield caused cockpit parts to be sucked out of the aircraft (see picture), a cabin pressure plunge, and a failure of the Flight Control Unit (see picture).

The airplane diverted and landed safely with busted tires and two injured crew members (1 Pilot, 1 Cabin) in Chengdu.

The crew did an amazing job here.

Look at this picture. That’s not something you see everyday.

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Wow that is beyond extreme.

Fortunately the pilots weren’t sucked out. Either way, I have no idea how anyone is able to do that with that much destruction and wind smashing into your face.


Wow that is remarkable


Wow… How can they land the plane if the electrical all went dead?

Wow! That’s truly incredible, were the switches still operable

RIP the MCP panel (ie the autopilot)

That could’ve been much worse then the turnout great job by the crew. Just look at the damage!


Very lucky they didn’t end up like Tim Lancaster!

The electrics didn’t die. Just some display and system failure in the cockpit. In this case the FCU was sucked out but that didn’t prevent the pilots from being able to land the aircraft.

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Wow, that is very, very scary indeed. Incredibly lucky there were no fatal injuries this time (even this looks worse than the Southwest incident). This must be the first cockpit window loss of an Airbus A320 family aircraft?


Have to say, amazing job, landing the plan with way below zero temperature and wind smashing into your face. The captain is ex-military pilot btw.

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You can tell this was done manually not autopilot. Look at that drop also to get to safe height.

Was like -7000 feet In 1 minuet


Saw the pictures before I read it, and I had maby one of my largest “whet the Hel*” moments possible

Truly crazy, I can’t even imagine the confusion that took place throughout the cockpit.

Had no idea that the control panel could be sucked out like that.

Now that’s scary!! At least they managed to land…

They are heroes.Admirable.

Hmm, will they investigate this incident?

Probably will, like every other incident.

British Airways Flight 5390 deja vu. I hope it wasn’t technicians using wrong bolts otherwise it’s repeat of history. The picture really show lot of destruction, probably more than BAC One-Eleven. Glad that it returned to land safe and sound.