Incident during event

Hi, sorry I have to do this but I’m confused and annoyed. I’ve just had an interesting encounter and I know you guys get enough of these topics to deal with but I’d just like your opinion…
So I was on approach after a 1.5hr flight and a guy who spawned a minute away from a busy airport with an event cut me off and caused me to do some 360’s. So I was just wondering if there is a priority for planes with longer flight times vs planes with something under 10min.
Sorry for the rant, I understand you get enough of these lol. ATC was a good help though so props to them. Thanks for reading this far!

There’s no priority. The other person should’ve put themselves at the back of the line or squeezed themself in a bigger gap. Uncontrolled airspace is reliant on teamwork and some common decency.

It’s possible the plane you encountered wasn’t on frequency yet. In terms of controlled airspace, we build a sequence as best we can with what’s coming in. It’s all situational.


Ok thanks for the clarification. Also I see that you handle appeals, so I was wondering how to do that.

If you need to appeal something, send a message to the appeals group, and one of us will take a look at it.

Ok thanks for your help!

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