Incident at KMIA - Advanced Server (ATC list)

Hi all, I was on the advanced server earlier, call sign Azul 8-5, about 25 - 30 NM out, approaching KMIA
KMIA was highlighted green but when I checked the info only ground was active.
I kept on checking the ATC scroll down KMIA Unicom was showing so I was on this freq. I had 2 or 3 on guard shouts from KMIA tower, but this freq was not showing on the scroll down, only the Unicom was available.
Anyway long story short, ended up being ghosted. I know who the controller was, but clearly not their fault if live tower ATC is not showing on scroll menu.
So I suppose I just wanted to know if this is a known issue, or if it’s happened to anyone else?
Regards Mark - LOT1


I had somewhat of a similar issue awhile back. It was the playground server, though. I saw a message KMIA was going Unicom in 1< minute. I proceeded with final as was told to me before I received the message. When I was about to land, I received a message from tower and ground.
I thought it was strange at the time, but thought I didn’t pay attention to Tower correctly.


Sounds like a bug to me. What type of connection were you on (4G, Wi-Fi, etc.) and how fast did that connection seem to you?

I had the same at LAX a few days ago - but it sorted itself out and the Unicom changed to an active tower after about 30 seconds. Tower was definitely active the entire time - was green on the map and tower sent me an ‘on guard’ even though I could only tune into the Unicom

Hi Sean,
Was on a wifi connection, which was fine the ATC menu was even updating as it should, with other airfields showing up as I neared them, just not showing Miami Int. tower, only the Unicom.
I did notice / hear another aircraft also on approach using the Unicom, so maybe they also had the same issue?