Incident at KCOS

My call sign was Air France 750 and I have just been unfairly suspended just now.

Was cleared for ILS approach Rwy 17L then cleared by tower (number 1), then tower went offline for 30 seconds.
Tower went back up literally 5 seconds before my landing, and issued an on guard message. Replied with “on final” and landed safely.
Immediately got banned, “reported by other users”.
I’m really unhappy about this, as I complied with the rules from A to Z.
Something has to be done when tower comes back on line after some deconnexion - you simply cannot issue an on guard message to a plane on short final which has already been cleared by approach and tower literally 40 seconds ago…


Correction: call sign was 750, not 775…


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Do you know who the controller was at the time. I practice in playground however I only issue on gaurs warnings to those who haven’t been transferred to my frequency.

From what you have stated that was in my opinion uncalled for you were cleared to land.

Was there anything on th runway at the time just before touch down

Advanced server
I was so frustrated I didn’t even take the name of the controller…
And obviously the runway was 100% clear as I had been cleared for landing literally 30 seconds beforehand.
Really not a nice way to end a 30 minutes flying session IMHO !


100% agree. I have posted a topic called atc feedback feel free to comment or like the status to receive info on atc brush up.

Hope that it helps spread the word!


John Gerard

In an ideal world IF should keep a log of all the ATC chatter and aircraft positions - that would help in post mortem sessions…

I’ll take a look at your post John Gerard

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Cheers thanks

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Are you on IFFG by chance?

I don’t know what IFFG stands for?

(Note: The Controllers explanation of this incident updates & corrects my comment below. He was correct the Pilot was wrong! Been there done that, just yesterday in the Cabib on the Playground, I did’t check the comm log for the clearance after I dirtied up. . The every bodies a Traffic Cop and the need for a an improved correction/punishment system is valid. There’s gotta be a better way)

Somebody let that “reported by other users” club out of the bag on this forum the other day. Now every Pilot plus ATC are playing Cop. There’s a problem admittedly. Mixing fledglings, non- English speakers, flat hatters,gamers and that evil monster playin pay back together in the IF universe causes chaos. If your gonea deputies every “Dick” & Jane your just assasserbating the problem. There’s gotta be a better way. Let find it once and for all. This patchwork system don’t work. Max Sends

Please correct me if I am wrong however I think it means infinite flight flight gaurd?

I was the controller and have some screen caps that would help you understand why you were ghosted from my perspective; but I can’t figure out how to upload them here.

You may have been experiencing connection issues. I never left the tower position during the session. I saw you coming in and waited for you contact me. When you were half way down the ILS you still hadn’t checked in. I sent you an on guard because I had multiple aircraft waiting for departures on several runways at that time. I tried several times to get you to change to my frequency. As you know, landing without clearance is not permitted. You were never cleared by me. On the screen cap (if I could upload it) it clearly shows you landing and your aircraft is grey. All aircraft tuned to my frequency would appear blue, there for you weren’t tuned to tower at KCOS. In actuality, you were tuned to G.W. Flanders Ranch Unicom, not KCOS. There was no way for me know what you were doing.

I’m sorry your flight was cut short, I know how frustrating that can be.


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As Joe couldn’t upload, I am uploading your pic :)

Ok, but I’m 100% sure I was cleared for landing by tower… Which means I was cleared by someone else (was there someone controlling tower just before you?). Also never received more than one on guard message, and this was 5 seconds before landing.
If you look at my stats you’ll see I have very few violations in my 40h+ of flying, and I honestly would never have complained here if I was not 100% sure of my side of the story…
Anyway I’ll blame a bad connection for this and move on, thanks for your explanation.

I still think a full history of ATC chatter would help in this respect (if any devs read this thread)


There was no way to clear you because you weren’t tuned to my frequency. No one was on tower before Tom and myself opened up…he was APP. Maybe it’s a bug or something, or maybe someone was on the other frequency for just enough time to clear you. This is the exact reason I screen shot everything before I ghost though, so it can be a learning experience for both the pilot and myself.

Once again, I apologize for ending the flight early.

Infinite Flight Fan Group

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That is you, right under the cancel button in grey (blue means tuned to my frequency).

Joe - I think you nailed it. The only plausible explanation is that I was cleared by the other tower frequency (I am quite sure I was cleared, number one in line) and then I was left in limbo when the guy got off, maybe when he realized the airport was already being controlled…

It’s a very good thing that you keep screenshots, and I’ll try to do the same next time this happens (hopefully not, this was a first for me, hence my frustration!)

Thanks a lot for taking the time to post an answer here, much appreciated.