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I’ve just been flying in Singapore on the Advanced Server. I requested pushback first, the controller gave me permission. Then half way through push the A380 behind requested push and was also given permission. This then caused us to crash (hit each other)
I hate to complain but mistakes like this shouldn’t happen on the Advanced Server


I do agree with you as an advanced ATC myself. Did you try contacting the controller?


Hi Ben!

That would of been me, i’m really sorry. Started to become incredibly busy, had to start diverging inbounds. There was a lot of fog so it was incredibly hard to see where aircraft were in terms of spacing. It’s very difficult to orchestrate aircraft on the ground while keeping an eye on where they are in terms of spacing. Hopefully in future updates there can be ways of detecting aircraft at nearby gates and determining the space.

Really sorry for the bad experience, very busy indeed!




Keeping your eyes open helps as well…


Like I said, very low visibility. That photo shows what I am seeing looking into the traffic.


I’m sorry @Harry, it was meant for the pilots :)


Lol my bad. Yes that does help, but you are right, shouldn’t have granted clearence. But, when you are controlling 20+ aircraft in and around the airport getting notifications every couple seconds it really does make it challenging. We are only human.


Kudos to @Harry for explaining the situation, a true quality of Advanced ATC 👍🏾👍🏾


Well said @heavydriver. If @harry was controlling ground and tower then his priority will be tower. So when it gets busy and to speed up all those incoming messages, ATC with often give multiple pushback clearance and leave it to pilots discretion to avoid each other.


I do apologize. However, I’ve tried twice now in the past half hour to get on the Advanced Server to fly, with both times having a not so good ATC experience at WSS. The aforementioned ground control issue happened to me aswell the first time(I did keep my eyes open though and stopped).This past time I was told to line up and wait with a plane on final.I suppose they forgot I was there briefly,because the the traffic on final kept comin’ in and I recieved no clearance! I got nervous lol and asked to take off. No response. I then go to exit the runway fearing a collision, and the plane coming in is told to go around. Of course they ignore it and land,meanwhile I was cleared to take off and was doing so when they landed in front of me.I came to a stop,as the plane was now sitting in the middle of the runway at a stand still. I exited and requested taxi to the runway again. No response. I honestly logged off to see if I was accidentally on the Playground server. I only bring this up as this is my first time doing a FNF event and am disappointed. I can’t try again as I have to work :( However! Happy flying to those participating!


Hi Josh, not sure about this one. I had seperate runways for departures and arrivals so this could’ t happen! This is a little more serious so would be worth checking who the controller was and PMong them.

We all have good and bad days, but that is no excuse, sorry to anyone who had a bad experience, the busier the airport the higher the probability of a mistake!



Ladies and Gentleman. Pilots use the Private Message (PM) to discuss ATC incidents, there type and opinions. The PM should be addressed to the Controller involved. His or her name is ezly obtained it is publicly displayed with in the airfield data block.
In this instance and all instances of this type; from the information available I’d rule this “Pilot Error”. The Controller gave you the “authority” to Push Back Pilot. The PIC is responsible for the safe operation of his aircraft on the ground and in the air. Suck it up Pilot its your bust. Max Sends


I dont believe it was you, @Harry controlling the second time. The first time was lol. And yes, you were very busy at that time! There is no need to worry though. The collision was averted! ;) Im sure it gets stressful, and your time controlling is appreciated! :)
It was the second incident that made me do a scratch-your-head moment. Haha. I didnt look however to see who was controlling unfortunately. Water under the bridge! Have fun flying!


Just remember, a pilot can’t see behind their aircraft.


I’m not complaining it’s just I was a little shocked that’s all. I can understand what it’s like in busy situations :)


I remember that all the time that’s why I use all the Camera Iptions to include the “Tower View” and “Radar Plot”. It’s should be part of every check list on a foggy day. No matter how you excuse it, it’s Pilot Error. Max Sends


Pushback crash is tug operator error.


Continue pilot-ATC discussions on PM. Thanks