Incheon to Tiawan

Thank you @Dan for a wonderful flyout everything went as planned this time😅. I have some photos here to show, thank you again Dan😊

Here is me coming into land, buttered it🥵.

Taxing to stand very pleased😊

Parked up and ready to go home!

Dan coming into land u also buttered it🫣

U gave me a death scare😨

And that is it let me know which one was the best and let me know in the comments😊


nice shots!

sadly, I couldn’t come

Oh sorry to hear i have to ask is the poll working?

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I had a random escort on final for no reason and I had to go around. But awesome shots

Lol was it the f18?

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The poll is broken.

Thought it might be ill just edit it out

Niceeee 👌🏻

Yes and he got banned lmao

Nice shots! I was there to! ( I got vectored away from the airport and had to do a visual rather than an ILS still was an okay landing )

Nice pictures! My favorite is the first. I haven’t used this livery in ages… I’ll have to check it out.

So much for multiple collisions, shame. anyway nice pic.


Here is that random F18 escorting me. I think he did this because he is a fan of my YT and somehow tracked me down and decided to escort. Thankfully, he got banned soon after ATC told me to go around.

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Thank you😄

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Bhahaha funny and sad story😂

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Nice i was the one far up ahead from the maim pack i got outta there fast😂

where you near Dan?

I forgot about it even existed

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No infront of the guy infront of him

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