Incheon Terminal Spotting

Hi everyone,

I had a 12 hour Seoul layover on Saturday and decided to do some afternoon terminal spotting. Thank you to the cleaning crew for keeping the windows so clean haha! Here are the pictures. Enjoy!


Awesome pictures, i love seeing all the 747s

Yeah, certainly no shortage of cargo traffic at Seoul

Very Nice Pics!

Did you come Korea? LMAO

Nope, I didn’t leave the airport, which by the way was fantastic. I flew to San Francisco later in the evening.

Looks amazing great job

Thank you!

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Ohh Was it Transfer?

And Very Similar With This Spot and Gate 🤣

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Yes, I arrived from Hong Kong early in the morning

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12hour Layover 👀

Very Hard time ⏲️

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Fantastic! Makes me want to visit ICN someday! Looks like there’s some fantastic and diverse spotting over there. Great shots! And luck the windows were so clean ;)

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