Inbound Traffic - pattern instructions [closed]

He guys… Here is a picture (iam NO a professional painter😂 And my english is not really good, please apologizes)

Please help me when all these aircrafts request “inbound for landing” what Should i give pattern instructions??

Please WITHOUT sequences only the enter… L/R DW Base Or straight in…

(The picture is further down)

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I don’t know if I understand right, you have to said as first entrance instructions like ENTER STRAIGHT/lLEFT/RIGHT BASE OR DW runway xx, if is the first just that, if there are more plane sequence them, number 2 traffic to follow is in…,numer 3 traffic to follow is … After this you cleared for landing,plane 1 number 1 cleared for landing,plane 2 number 2 cleared for landing…

Hi Christan, yes you will want to send entry instructions to all inbound aircraft. If you have aircraft ahead of the incoming plane you will need to sequence the following plane behind the plane inbound with their position “Number 2, Traffic to follow is on left base” trying bringing planes to the most appropriate runway.

Here it is… What for pattern (entry instructions Should that i give for both Runways 05L and 23R)

For me ist is

1: enter left downwind
2: enter left downwind
3 enter right downwind
4 enter right base
5 enter left base
6 enter straigh in


1: straight in
2 left base
3 left DW
4 left DW
5 right DW
6: right DW

Please Can you help me?

Maybe @anon66442947 @Brandon_Sandstrom @Henrik


Yes i know, but i Need only the enter instructions WITHOUT sequences… Imagine only one Aircraft is inbound 😂

Your instructions for the entries on 5L are relatively correct. However, for 23R, #2 should enter right base. That’s about it. Glad you’re asking questions!


no you dont Unterstand me… When iam atc and only i sag Runway 05L/05R is in use… I Must all aircrafts Guide to Runway 05… And the other Plan is for Runway 23 die you now Unterstand…?

Then like I said, regardless of aircraft count, you Always send an entry.

05L 1 either right downwind or left I’d give him right
2. left downwind
3. Right base
4. Right base
5. Left base
6. Straight in


  1. Straight in
  2. Right base
  3. Left downwind
  4. Left downwind
  5. Right downwind
  6. Right downwind
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Yes i know aaaaaaah you dont Unterstand… Please Imagine all aircrafts Are Come in individually WITHOUT sequences… I just want to know what for enter instructions i Must give to them…

There are quite a few topics on this forum on Patterns.

Does this help?

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I Read this before i Write this Post… But the different between base and DW Are really complicated for me 😂😂

Thanks @Brandon_Sandstrom this is what I am wanted 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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Then my way of helping is to recommend you understand how the pattern works.

I Know how so pattern works… But i dont want to confound Downwind with base

Like what brandon said,

1Straight in
2right base
3Left downwind
4Left downwind
5Right downwind
6Right downwind

For rwy23r number 2 should be right base.

I know you are not using 23 as the active runway but you put number 2 as left base compared to right base. If not all is pretty much correct

You should only use one runway, either 05 or 23, but not both.

Yes i Know… I only want to Know when only The Runways 05are Open… And The other way when only 23 Open…

To give you a straight answer. Yes you do give pattern instructions.

If the aircraft is to close to touch down or is on final, it’s not exactly necessary. Just clear him to land. This would happen if the aircraft has changed from an approach frequency.

Apart from that try and give pattern instructions.

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