Inbound on the visual?

Hey everyone, I have a short question that I really want to know I tried searching this in #tutorials but I couldn’t find it. Usually when I’m tuned into tower on expert, I hear when a pilot calls inbound, he doesn’t say inbound for landing. He says inbound on the visual/gps. Now I expect ATC to say check tutorials, but instead ATC just gives him sequencing and stuff. This made me really confused. I know what a visual and gps approach is, shouldn’t that be only when they tune form approach to tower?

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A visual approach is landing by using your eyes to see the runway.

A GPS approach is basically an LNAV approach but using GPS.

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It all depends on what your approach is. If you’re cleared for an ILS/GPS approach, tower clears you to land, and moves on. Your you’re cleared on the visual, tower sequences then cleares. If you’re inbound with Radar vectors, tower gives pattern entry, sequence, then clearance.

If there is no approach, call inbound normally.

Oh sorry I didn’t make it clear, I mean without any APP frequency, the aircraft just tunes in and randomly says inbound on the visual/gps/ils and tower treats everything normally on expert

“As a general rule:

  1. If cleared by approach for ILS: “Inbound on the ILS…”
  2. If cleared by approach for visual: "Inbound on visual
  3. If not cleared for either by an active approach, use the call inbound menu , not report position.“

(That’s quoted from the link above.)

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I also found this here:

“ I had this same sort of thing happen to me yesterday, here is what @Boodz_G told me…

  • Thanks for contacting me! The reason I told you to CHP is because you called inbound on the ILS 13 which is incorrect. ILS and Visual require approach ATC which in this current case wasn’t available. So unless there is an approach ATC, you should call inbound for landing. *“

Also quoted (from the link above).

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Technically I just wanted to know if there is something I don’t know about calling inbound, and by the looks of it I do know. I was just confused why ATC didn’t say check tutorials

IFATC will not usually issue check help for small things like incorrect inbound calls. It would just sound overused, and it wouldn’t necessarily be obvious as to why they revived it from a pilot perspective.

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I believe it’s not useful (especially on a full frequency) to do this with minor mistakes while checking-in, which don’t really affect anyone. Pretty sure IFATC isn’t doing the „check tutorials“ for check-in mistakes anymore, but that’s something I am not too sure if I recollect it correctly.

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Because it IS normal.

Like is this normal? Ok so it’s not really a big deal ok I just thought there was a different way of calling inbound

Please see the topics I linked above, where you can see the correct way to call inbound. I am pretty sure the call on your picture wasn’t correct, but the actual effect isn’t big (no other traffic negatively affected). Also many pilots wouldn’t understand why they got a “check help pages“ or something similar + it clutters the frequency. Therefore it’s easier to just let this happen (and better for everyone’s experience in my opinion.)

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Oh ok I know how to call inbound and everything I was just a bit confused. Thanks

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You would report inbound on the visual only if you were handed off from the approach controller.
So youd checkin with approach request visual approach. After being vectored ATC will ask you to report in sight. Once you do you get cleared for a visual approach. Thats the only time you would report inbound on the visual with tower.
If you did not come from approach and contact tower you just report inbound for landing. Then they will give you a pattern entry and so on. As youve seen in this case. Hope this helps as well.

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Oh yea thanks

If there’s no approach and you contact tower straight away, you call inbound normally, but if you were tuned to approach before and they cleared you for an approach before handing you to tower, you call inbound on the ils/gps/vis. If you don’t do this you might get ‘please check tutorials on the forum for assistance using atc instructions’. That was me on my first flight on expert.

Yea yea I understand now. Thanks everybody

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