Inbound on the ILS

hello guys,
working in the tower in the latest period I noticed that many of you do not even know how to behave when you switch from approach to the tower frequency.
I tried to find a tutorial but I could not find anything on this point
So let’s see how to do:
when approach tell you ‘contact xx tower, your request must be’ xx tower Plane1 inboun for landing/touch and go on the ILS runway xx, not request just inbound,because if we’re controlling an airport busy, with several runways you create confusion, especially after ILS clearance continue inbound on the runway that approach has assigned you.
This happened to me yesterday,i was in WMKK with 3 runways all operatives,with a lot of inbound,sometimes when we are very busy is difficult to re-sequence you, and honestly is not funny to send you around because you are in the wrong runway,so remember this.
If you have some questions feel free to ask.
Thanks all
(If already exists a tutorial o post about this,feel free to cancel this topic)


This has been discussed here…

Thanks I noticed now.

What if they weren’t on an ILS approach?

Then you don’t call ‘inbound on the ILS’, you call ‘inbound for landing’ instead.

Well that point went right over your head 🙄

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I’m sorry, am I misunderstanding something?

So if you weren’t on the ILS why would you call inbound on the ILS?

I’m speaking if you are on the ILS/GPS if you are not on that call inbound on the runway that approach vectored you.

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If approach has cleared for the ILS or GPS to anyone,the flight strip will show the runway they are cleared for. We can see the runway they were cleared for,without having them to request anything. And if they weren’t vectored in,then pilots can request a runway or say inbound for landing,leaving it to the controllers discretion for him to decide the runway.


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