Inbound for Landing at KSEA

Not alot of humor on IF generally speaking, but this made me burst out laughing…


I mean he may want to reserve a gate😂

(It’s meant to be like reserve a table😂)

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I admit sometimes I forget to tune out and when I’m a few thousand miles away i do that sometimes😂🤫


I have done this too. I was almost 7,000 miles away and when I went to tune to my arrival airport unicom, I saw I never tuned out of my departure unicom, so I decided to have some fun :).

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many do this calls inbound for landing without being at pattern altitude but this is the first time I see someone calling inbound being at 33000ft, I think he saw the runway in space lol

Haha. I got one of these recently 2,000 miles away…

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and 796 nm away!