Inbound for a crowded Toronto!

1) Background to the video
Just recently picked up video editing as my hobby and wish to spread Infinite Flight love across the Internet and community. I really hope you enjoy the time lapse and probably see yourself in the video too!

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert, 1600Z, EGLL-CYYZ
3) Video


Not bad at all, but why don’t you use replay mode instead? Here’s one of my videos:

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Indeed, this is one of my considerations when I first make the videos. However, taking by recording through real time controls makes it more unique. I might consider switching to replay in the future but it is for now unlikely. Thanks for your advice though!

Really great video! Love the approach time lapse. One question, why do you turn in the autopilot so early?

Most people who fly don’t hand fly at all, and it surprises me. You will feel so much more accomplished if you hand fly it higher! I normally hand fly up to a minimum of 3,000 feet, and that’s if I’m departing a busy airspace. If not, I’ll normally turn on autopilot at around 8,000 feet. Landings, if I am being vectored by an approach controller, I hand fly the minute I’m established on the localizer. Without an approach controller, I normally disconnect autopilot at 4,000 feet.

Just wanted to hear why you activate it so early?

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Hi! Thank you for stopping by my video and offering these great comments and feedback.

Yes it was one of the concerns that I had. In fact the reason why I turn on AP that early is because something unfortunate happening in my early Infinite Flight career. That time my aircraft happened to loose control on takeoff on global TS, it has scared me since then. For the landing, that is actually the same, in fact I was worried that it will horrible with those winds and busy air space, I don’t want to get into any trouble therefore turning on APPR is just to make myself feel safer.

If you all like to see me hand fly departures or approaches, I shall do it in the next video. Hopefully to bring even more enjoyable content for all of you to watch! Stay tuned!

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That’s understandable. Great video otherwise, looking forwards to your next one!

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Bro , what is the total size of the video and the recording?

The original size of the screen recording is 16GB for a 7 hour flight.

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Wow that so bigg haha… Btw great video and nice landing

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I value everyone’s support!

Nice vid! Toronto was nice yesterday!

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For your information, the game was having so much frame drops that I have to replace the last session of the video using the replay…