Inbound approach

N350GM. I was inbound to KMIA,( about thirty minutes ago) approach is telling me to contact well beyond my ability to tune into the frequency. This individual then is either booted or quit. When able I contacted tower asked for clearance for runway 090 due to the large 747 I’m in. Tower clears me for 12. Approach tell me to contact them now that it’s back on line and proceeds to vector me to 08L. After being handed over to tower I’m redirected back and fourth between 08L and R on final. Of course a 2 hour flight resulted in a crash. Needless to say, if your new to tower please don’t do that. If approach goes off line unexpectedly then tower should bring them in and not have to switch back to approach after being cleared and set up for a specific runway and being on final. I will take some of the blame. My fault for not just sticking with tower and ignoring approach. Rant over.

Is this on Expert server?

It sounds like a new person doing ATC so I would so expert (I’d say).

KMIA isn’t on Expert schedule today

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@Tim_B even though it’s not on the schedule what stops an expert controller to just control a random airport whenever they wish?

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😔 no! I apparently I’m that guy the thread about ts complaints was talking about. Honestly, with as many hours I have flying that’s the only ATC I’ve had issues with. Any other time it’s been really good. I’m not in the forum as often as I should be. I just fly a lot. So, I apologise.

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Can you please define:

Found in between about and complaints.

The training server

The rules.

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Thanks a lot!

Btw I think this should probably in Live or ATC category, (I think).

The rules of IFATC. There’s oversight. It’s not something that happens.


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