Inaugural flight of Infinite Flight Airways

Hey IFC! So recently I decided to make a fake airline lol. Infinite Flight airways was born. I streamed the first flight on YouTube and people came and loved it. We had a good variety of planes flying from 757s to A350s. I flew an A350 and here are some awesome shots I took during the flight.

Plane- Infinite Flight (2019) A359
Cruising alt/speed- 38000/M.84
Flight time/ 2 hours
Server- training

Hope you like these shots!

Thanks to the following for flying with me!
@Abhik_Mallik (in his Air India 747)
@Filip_Kocka (one of the 757s)
@CarlosVPChile (the 787)
@Aryan_Ram (one of 4 escorts to come, the Blue Angel F18)
@Kaboe (the Maverick F18)
@Anson_Gallaway12 (the Kuwait F18)
@KASON009 (the F22)


What an absolute shame none of the escorting fighters were an Infinite Flight F/A-18!


Ik I even said that lol but the F22 there is only one livery for lol

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lmao I love the idea of airlines also becoming sovereign military organizations… especially if the first one wears Infinite Flight colors.

I also love this, generally! congratulations! I have often wondered why the devs didn’t put Infinite (as in IF) as a callsign option. like… it’d instantly be the coolest, imo. even cooler than Spooky!

… INFINITE 6060 is inbound…


Lol thanks! This is my idea and I don’t plan to make this an official VA it’s just for fun

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome onboard Infinite Flight Airways from Los Angeles to Tokyo, please make sure your device is connected to wifi and on a live server before we depart. Thank you for choosing us today.


Yes lol we will do that soon

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Do you think that Infinite Flight Airways is a low cost carrier? Legacy carrier like Delta or United?

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Legacy cause we have every plane with an IF livery. And the A350 is our flagship

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Odd choice, given that there’s the “retro” 747-8.

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Ik I will most likely never use that one though as I can’t stand those 2015 liveries

ha got em love me the raptor

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Yes lol it was funny with all the fighters