Inaugural Flight China Southern to Mexico

It’s about to arrive to MMMX on it’s inaugural flight!! Time to get on the roof to take some Pictures, I’ll post some on the Spotting section 🍻


What is this for? China Southern’s 787? I don’t think this warrants an entire thread.

Unless you have some piece of news or detailed information to go with this topic, it’s best for your picture to go here :)


Great! Look forward to it.

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If you could read, you’d see the point of this topic.

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I still think this could fit here:

But anyways, I’ll move on. On a more positive note, your photos in your other tread look great. @Lalo_Marlin

Congratulations for both the administrators of the Mexico City Int’l Airport and for China Southern Airlines for this new achievement for the Mexican and Chinese aviation.


China Southern is the second Asian Carrier to operate a route to Mexico City after All Nippon Airways and first among Chinese carriers. Congratulations CZ! I hope this route can be profitable though

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I dont think that route will last… But

To CUN, SDQ, SJU or SXM I think it would

SXM has alot of Australians coming there for sailing jobs and stuff like that so I think that Qantas should invest in a seasonal SYD-SXM-SYD or SYD-LAX-SXM-SYD route :)

(Just Saying)

Lol! MMMX is he best routes Between the ones you said, we have plenty of Chinese people here at Mexico City ;)

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Really… Okay!

I think that because its from Canada it may do well!

I would still love to see it at SXM (TNCM) though ;)

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