Inaugural 787-9 Flight LHR-SEA Spotting

Hello, IFC,

I went spotting today!
I went to the airport to spot the Inaugural DreamLiner flight with British Airways from LHR-SEA!
Before y’all get mad, I did take hand sanitizer and I washed my hands when I came back.
Oh and I ran away screaming every time I saw a fellow human.
just in case.

Let’s get to the pics!

A FedEx MD-11F being LOUD on short final

The Dreamliner Flexing it’s beauty on final from LHR! (EGLL)

Another shot of the 787-9!

The same MD-11F as above
Here is an unedited pic:

An Alaskan 737 taxiing to 16L with a Delta ERJ175 going to Portland.

Thank You!!

Oh, and I made a friend!

Tony the headless pigeon for @anon38496261 and @SB110 !

Thank You!

If you read this, expect a part 2!


Nice photos! The sad realization tho that the 787 is being used because it has less capacity than the 777 or 747 that was used before :(


The headless pigeon has come for me!

Great pics man!

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These are awesome!!!

DUUUDE!!! This is so awesome! This is why you’re the best spotter.

I made this one my wallpaper

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Jk 😂

These are all awesome. Tony made it all the way down there? Wow.


Thank you everyone!

Why does everyone like that one so much?

I have more if y’all want BTW.
very similar to that one but different aircraft

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he mass migrated and flew into a helicopter

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Yes, please. More! 😂

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Me when I’m outside: Human, 12 o’clock (runs across street)

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What a cute Tony he is…

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