Inaugural 787-9 Flight LHR-SEA Spotting Part 2

Hello, IFC,

Here is the second part of my spotting topic from Sunday! If you saw the mini-text in the first part, you should be expecting this one :)

since you people seemed to like the taxiway shots, I got you some more because I try to please you fellow humans…

Let’s get into it!

There is an easter egg in one of the pictures. If you spot it, please tag Alaska096 and tell him about it, he will be eternally grateful.

A Dash being put into storage while an Alaska 737-900 blasts off to Anchorage.

A Retro Alaska Dash-8 dashing into a fluffy cloud.

When I went spotting, it was very windy. very very windy
So here is an Alaskan Dash-8 on final having some crosswind problems…

A Flashy Dash wearing the retro orange stripes. Notice the nice orange flowers in the grass matching the livery :)

A Dash-8 holding short.

I spotted this plane going at about 40% power but not wanting to take off… just fast floating…

Does anyone know why?

Finally, an other shot of the BA 787 inaugural flight from LHR.
I submitted it to JP, will it pass?

Thank You!

Have a good day!

Try to find the easter egg!



Probably not for bad post-processing and soft

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Ok, thanks!

Post-processing is editing, right?

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There is a brib in Photo 5! @anon38496261
Is that the Easter egg?



Now tag @anon38496261 lol

good job!

You called it a birb, too!

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Yeah, specifically the halos

It’s a birb, @anon38496261!

Great photos of the Dash-8’s as well, I saved some to my device and I’ll PM you if I use them.

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Hey cool! It was windy for both of us on the same day, lol.

Nice pics! The birb is amazing and I am eternally grateful 😂

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