Inappropriate this allowed?


look at the username under this person’s callsign…


Hey there! No, something like that isn’t allowed. It’s unfortunate, and until v20.2, things like this may occur.

In regards to this incident, please reach out to @moderators. I’m sure they’ll look into it. Thanks!


It would be. I’d PM the @moderators about this issue.


This is against IF’s TOS. Send a screenshot to the mods and this guy will get banned from IF.

Or he could be suspended.

unfortunately I can’t access my phone rn bc it’s updating lol, this is a pc screenshot from LiveFlight. Does that suffice?

Yes that is sufficient .

i just did broski, but cant delete a topic lol

Would you like this to be flagged for closure?

Would be appreciated <3

Or anyone.

pc = personal computer, nothing to do with PM

Yea I changed it also any evidence is okay.

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Thanks for the report. PM the mod inbox and we’ll look into it!