Inappropriate Display Names

This issue has been going on for a while and no one has really addressed it. I stumbled upon it today, and I have had enough. Your display name is supposed to represent yourself so other pilots can know who you are and remember you. For example, mine is Captain Jha. However, you have those people who are immature and want to make it something inappropriate and they think they are funny. It is not funny. It only shows how immature you are. Is that how you want to represent yourself? As an immature little brat who thinks it’s funny making your display Bi**h airlines or ba*ging your mom? When people think of you or see your call sign on the community, they will think very badly of you. Let me tell you it’s not funny. All that happens is some people might report you and you might get ghosted. But of course you are going to keep doing it, and that’s why you are only grade 1. This needs to stop. Unfortunately, some people do not report users who have inappropriate names and therefore, they stay there. My fellow community members, please report users with inappropriate display names. This will help get the message across that this behavior is not acceptable. Thank you for bearing with me. I wish I could have written another fun real world aviation post, but this needed to be addressed. Thank you for your time.

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You can’t really do anything about it besides reporting them.

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But some people do not report them. They just think it’s funny watching them. This is the message I am trying to get across :)

At the event today I saw a political username. Quite frankly, I feel that this is unacceptable. I reported him immediately.


This is what tipped me over the edge to write this post.


(Ignore how I’m going 992 knots, it’s casual server don’t worry)

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This has been addressed, just use the report button. Fly on expert for a realistic experience, those callsigns will definitely get ghosted on there. If you see anyone on the community who uses an inappropriate callsign or username, let me know;)