Inappropriate Callsigns on TS

Hey everyone,

Who should I contact to report inappropriate callsigns on the Training Server?



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The moderators mate

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No, you can’t. But if it’s really offensive, mods may be able to deal with it


Thanks, I was about to dm a mod about that callsign too. Not amused.

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And now he’s gone… :(

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I have pictures of the callsign and username want me to dm a mod?

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Will mods still be able to do something if the person is gone, but I have their info?

They should I believe.

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Yes please. I think @Levet was the most recent mod online

Dm them than. :)

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I don’t have the evidence, you do?

Yes, I’ll dm a mod k?

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This topic may now be closed.

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Yep thats all good.

Done messaged a mod =)

Thanks for the help everyone. We’ll look into this and handle accordingly.

Smooth Skies