Inappropriate Callsign

Today in the causal sever doing some acrobatics after I was done I was coming on approach at EGLL and I saw a person with an inappropriate callsign and I have picture evidence of it.

Please contact @moderators with the images and they’ll take care of it. ;)

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It’s also the casual server so what chu gonna do

The pilot could have also flown with that callsign in expert server also or training

We would obviously report that pilot if he goes into an active airspace with that callsign but he’s not, so

Seeing as we don’t actually lot know what the callsign was, I think it’s best we lay off making judgements as to whether or not the callsign is actually an issue or not, and let the OP contact the moderators for it to be dealt with. An inappropriate callsign is an inappropriate callsign, regardless of whether it’s in active airspace on the expert server or not.

Feel free to message us (@moderators) with the user’s callsign and/or screenshot please. Thanks.