Inappropriate callsign

I have recently been controlling approach at London Heathrow and there is someone with a callsign which is inappropriate. His username is Adam Humphrey.


It might help if you said what the call sign was

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His callsign was

boobies 69

Seen many of these on playground and free flight servers. If they do it on advanced, it’s and instant 1 hour ghosting

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WoW when someone puts in the call signs hat is inappropriate the app says that’s not nice. maybe he did something to avoid. if you ever see him again take a screenshot and report it. I’m not a mod I just want to help happy landings.

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I have a picture I just don’t think I can post it.

Ok well your smart for taking one. good thinking! why can’t you post it maybe there is a section for reporting. 👌☺️

I don’t know how to post it that’s what I mean.

Lol but I don’t think people using the simulator wants to see that ! HAPPY LANDINGS!

Best course of action is to PM a mod and they can handle it from there no reason to announce it on the fourm

You can never beat the original facking heavy fack off and Mike Hunt

All ghosted for 60 by me at least once

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That will teach them lessons that life simply can teach… But this way, it’s in a different perspective! :)

Yeah, there is so many pilots that using inappropriate callsigns and I often ATC at Southern California (not advanced) I see sometimes like lostMH370.

This is sad that people do this. What is the point of making a inappropriate call sign?! All you get is to be mean to people and get ghosted more than average. I agree with everyone who has a negative impact on this player.

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And 95% of the time they are the people that call this a “game” when it is clearly a simulator.

Lol. Do not underestimate the power of IF 😏 This simulator is clearly a flight simulator.

The truth I called it a game but now I see it is not it is a true and great simulater for people to use to train and to get better. Happy landings !