Inappropriate callsign (spotted again)

I personally think there is no room for any nonsense here,such call signs are not funny but it only shows how childish we can be,all I’m saying is we all just be a little more serious even on playground server.


The fact that it raises eyebrows, it’s enough to be challenged. There’s people who listened to other pilots here and considered making changes. So, this pilot’s attitude matters. He’s not forced to change it anyway? Perhaps ATC should be able to send an instruction to ask pilots to change callsigns

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Report them!


more rules need to be implemented on the playground server


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Heh, Boobies.



Childish of Inverness


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@James_Grainge… Do you have any positive pellets in your pop gun James?
Your a majority of one son, give it a rest. Mad Max Sends


I’ve been ATC while he was at my airport

Did you report him BW ?

I was on ATC playground

Believe “Report User” is on yr dashboard.BW If not why not? Max Sends

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It is but when you press it is comes up with ‘controller rating too low’

cant report while your atc on playground. when you click it it says your rating is too low or something and you cant go to the mini map to report

Appears this need to be addressed to Mr. Shelton. If a Pilot with .01 hour can Report User why not an ATC Trainee! Max Sends

That does report the user it just doesn’t give you confirmation

ikr, maybe they could implement a rank that once you have been atc for at least 3 hours you can have the ability to report but this time it would count as 2/3 votes instead of 1/3 vote

u sure? like if you click the mini menu to report them it says you cant do it? so if someone accidentally clicks it they get reported? hmm I’m glad to know though that we can report

Anything is better than noting…Max Sends

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Yes I’m positive

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