Inappropriate callsign (spotted again)

I have found an inappropriate callsign again.
I hooe people who have seen this pilot took action also. I members can unite and make IF a better place.
Spotting bellow⬇️

Terrible, just terrible


I know. It hurts to watch people doing this more and more aften


Sorry about the typos in my topic. Hoose is supposed to be hope and in between I and members is supposed to be hope also

Guys, if you ever see a person with an offensive callsign like MH370, 911 Terrorist, B*TCH heavy. Report the user. It just takes 3 people like you to ghost that user for 60 mins. Please Report.

Don’t report users unnecessarily.


There is and I spotted him a week ago

Put ies on it

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I don’t think the call sign user was implying that he was a seabird


All i was saying is that probably 75% of tge people find that not so great

Regardless of this specific call sign in which I will not comment on, you have to ask yourself does it offend anyone? (amongst other questions)

That is a hard one to judge hence why an ‘inappropriate’ callsign may mean a different thing to everyone ((:


True. Maybe I have overstated this a little. But i have reported worse

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What happens if someone saw a inappropriate call sign in Infinite flight live?

It’s inappropriate, not to mention just silly. It is a legitimate cause for others to use the “Report User” function. If 3 people in the same session find it bothersome, then the person with the silly call sign will be ghosted. On the Advanced Server though Controllers should just ghost immediately. It’s an unrealistic call sign and those on that server have high expectations that such a nonsense call sign like that contradicts.


But why do you think they named themselves that?

See this for anything about inappropriate and annoying call signs.

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It’s so users can select a relevant call sign like pilots do in the real world.


Also, some people make VERY long call signs. (It gets very annoying as you can imagine)

this week end when i’m controlling KPSP i saw “the best person ever”

Personally I don’t really see the problem with “boobies” as call sign, unfortunately there will always be cases of “I feel offended” etc. A call sign like “Isis” or “9/11 jihad” would be inappropriate.

In the end, who didn’t grow up with boobies around as a baby? I think 98% of us right?