Inappropriate Behavior on the Expert Server

Sometimes ATC gets me really angry when it comes to that. I get a level 2 violations for not letting a plane into the taxiway when I was given no instructions to give way, and there are people out there that plow right through others and cut people off on final approach. :/


I fly out of the CHS area and stay mostly east coast and carribean and I have observed such behavior…

I get a violation because someone distracts me at work and when I get back theres overspeed errors, but totally fine to crash into each other 🤣🤣

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I apologize for the wall of text, but I just wanted to give my feedback here.

During tightly packed group flights, aircraft flying through each other is a common thing, however, 90% of the time it’s not intentional, and therefore the pilot should not be at fault.

  • sometimes network errors cause aircraft to fly into each other when they are on the same route

  • sometimes a player accidentally sets a speed or altitude too high/low before cruise which may cause a plane to fly through one another. Many people don’t have the time to constantly check their device in a flight, so they shouldn’t be blamed for this.

  • If you are active and you see someone who could potentially fly through you on a group flight, instead of waiting for them to fly through you, take the initiative yourself and add the necessary inputs in the auto pilot to avoid a crash.

As for air traffic control, as an IFATC member myself, I can assure you we try everything in our power to maintain separation from aircraft, we will never intentionally cause an separation break incident. Furthermore, IFATC members will 99% (the other 1% are finger slips) of the time have a good reason for a report, we will not report someone because we “feel like it”.

This being said, it’s important to understand that we are human, we’re not perfect, and most of us, do not have a career as ATC, and therefore won’t be as skilled as the real thing. We will always try our best, but when it’s super busy and a 50+ people are calling inbound/requesting departure on your radar it can get overwhelming. If you feel you’ve been reported unfairly, discuss it with your controller politely.

  • Another small point to make is level one violations are not issued by us, they are issued by the system, and unless there was a glitch with the system, you are responsible for the violation.

A report button accessible to everyone would be handy, however, people would abuse it, and therefore it would do more harm than good. Even with a ticket system, someone would need to constantly review the tickets, and again, mods and IFATC are just volunteers on our own time. Secondly, keep in mind that if they made another server with even stricter rules a lot of people would not use the server regardless of the scenario. This would make the server boring to fly on and a waste of space. Similarly, if more intense rules were to be added to the expert server, it would need to balance out. The rules and violations are meant to enhance the expert server experience by promoting professional behaviour, not intimidate users and scare them back to training server.

While it is unfortunate when these things happen, don’t let it annoy you or ruin your experience, this is just a game after all. Laugh it off, shrug it off, whatever. It’s not causing anybody any harm irl when these things happen, so don’t let it cause you the stress, and just move on with your flight. This goes for trolls or just accidents. Just move on with your flight and don’t let it bother you.

Peace ✌️


That concerned me the most. 1 tire. Wow. That’s just, wow

Well written! I personally cannot thank IFATC enough! If you guys didn’t exist the expert server would not exist so thank you!

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I will have to agree with you on the first statement (if they made another server), but not on the second.
Many pilots on the Expert Server just want to fly sensibly and professionally; and when people can only be ATC on ES after passing certain requirements to ensure that they can maintain order and a level of realism, wouldn’t it make sense to retain that level of professionalism on the pilot’s side? I’m sure this will cause a lot less frustration for controllers and pilots alike.

I mean, for once, IFATC members won’t have to hand out violations every 3 minutes at a busy airport for runway incursions and unauthorized takeoffs. Those who were cleared to land or takeoff by ATC would also appreciate this.


You make a fair point. It really depends on how intense you make the rules on the expert server. I do think that it wouldn’t hurt to add a few extra rules to the expert server, but only to an extent. Balance it out enough to promote more professional behaviour, but not so much that it scares people away. There should be some leeway,


This is not an indictment of IFATC , those who do that job strive to be the best they can and its obvious they do so with responsibility and a eagerness to improve I’m sure. To those who take on that responsibility praise is deserved, Live ATC defines and has IF in a league of its own.

The game glitches and technical lag or other anomalies are not the point here. The issue is controllable pilot behavior, seriousness , aviation knowledge etc and overall attitude towards aviation siming in general. It appears many IF users are either skilled aviators in real life , involved with aviation or strive to be. IF is blessed with a very professional user base.

Thats exactly the point…casual “gamers” are mixed in with serious simulation users. Its great if someone is trying to learn, but there are those who just want a game to play on their phone. Thats great too, but maybe not on “Expert” Server. The term expert means something. Casual use is just that. Training is training perhaps to become and Expert at something …

What I have witnessed in the very small minority of users is a willness to go into a aspect of IF where they just do as they wish, or just playing a “flying” game. My point was if thats what you pay and play IF for great !!!. But use Casual, Training or Solo.

Yes violations will still happen and mistakes made for the various reasons brought up. What I see way too often is complete disregard or lack of understanding the world of aviation or piloting.
On the server set aside for exactly for that not to happen as much as feasibly possible .

Personally , which dosen’t really matter what i do
but if I’m not at my best, or just want a simple flight experience , I will intentionally NOT log onto Expert because of respect to what its there for. I will use Training so I’m less apt to ruin other users experience. If I’m doing a flight on expert , I have briefed my flight before hand. Dosen’t mean something won’t screw up somehow, but my attitude is to have "realistic experience ". That is still fun by doing it the best I can.

I think everybody is here for enjoyment right ? but Expert means just that…EXPERT. Maybe check your own six before you take off on the next mission .
Respect the Skies and Airports in IF we all use them.


I agree, I was once at WSSS and a aircraft was parked next to me and the runways in use were far away from the gate so he just auto started the engines didn’t even push back and went through building and grass all the way to the runway at max taxi speed, I get you might be in a rush but if you are then don’t do a flight or at least not on the expert server.

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Planes coming out of the runways and going into the taxiway always have the right of way. You don’t need a command to give way you should already be doing this


Very true but what got me annoyed was at least 2 other planes did the same thing and weren’t reported. I guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


What type of altitude

It made me think of (did I link this correctly?):
Extremely unprofessional behaviour on expert server - #123.

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IFR cruising altitudes.

0 degrees to 179 degrees = Odd cruising FL’s
180 degrees to 359 degrees = Even cruising FL’s

The way I remember this is:

If I’m flying East, East and Even do match thus the cruising shall be ODD.

If I’m flying West, West and Even do not match thus the cruising shall be EVEN.
I know weird concept but that’s what I have been doing lol even if I am aware about the chart.

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I would like to point out that the East-West rule doesn’t apply everywhere.

Over the North Atlantic Tracks IRL, planes fly anywhere between FL290 and FL410 regardless of direction.

Over countries such as France and Spain have different rules where South = Odd FL and North = Even FL (someone please correct me if I have got it the wrong way round).

China measures altitude in metres - all you need to do is add 100ft. So for example cruise would be 40100ft or 35100ft.

There are more places where the general rule doesn’t apply but I was just providing some examples.

If you use a FPL planning website such as SimBrief, it will give you correct cruise altitudes for the countries you are flying over. It will adjust them accordingly if you fly over a country where the rules are different.

Bear with me on this:

I think the solution is making a separate server–*(i realise there are plenty of complications behind the scenes but like i said, hear me out.)– that is for VA members only.

What do i mean by that?
Every (active) VA and the staff get a “code” or “password” of some sorts that they give out to their members in whatever way they deliver their SOP’s and rulesbooks.

This code is what only VA members know and grants access to this server, that is full of all the other VA members.

Like i said, i understand there are a huge amount of behind the scenes complications, but thise aside, this is the most logical solution i can come up with. I hope my idea is at least recognized

It would then potentially be pretty easy for junior members of VAs to give the code to their friends or something…and then we have the same problem.

Also not everyone wants to be part of a VA - so because they don’t want to be part of a VA, they should have to put up with annoying behaviour from other pilots, that’s a bit selfish in my opinion.

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Maybe this is hinting twords VA’s needing to be 18+ instead of the current age… i realise that not everyone who is younger acts this way, and there are alot of people older who act like children…

I do agree with your point, so let me counter that by suggesting a “auto-generated” random code that only works on your account. Sort of links to it in a sense.