Inadequate ATC for missed approaches

Whoever was running LFPG approach around 2300Z was doing an unacceptable job:

I was instructed to go around by tower on short final due to a Q-400 in front of me (a 77W). Approach had instructed me to maintain at or above 220kts despite the fact that they could see a slower aircraft in front of me. I slowed to 180 on APPR mode which helped but it wasn’t enough. Therefore, tower instructed me to go around and I immediately did so.

Tower then handed me back to approach so that I could get reintegrated- this is where the trouble really started. Upon being handed off to approach they simply responded with “frequency change approved, good day!”. There was obviously no other relevant frequency for me to switch to at this point. I decided to announce the missed approach (thinking that would make it clear to him) and he hit me with the “follow directions etc”. This meant there was absolutely no one controlling me while I was directly over LFPG at 4000AGL. That is unacceptable.
So I flew for a minute, completely on my own before deciding that the best course of action was to simply request another approach. He chose to report for that (spamming frequency).

If there’s something obvious that I’ve done wrong in this situation I do apologize. However, I followed their instructions precisely and ended up completely uncontrolled directly over LFPG.

All I ask is that my report is removed immediately. Perhaps there should also be repercussions for whoever was handling LFPG approach around 2300Z.
If you don’t know how to handle a missed approach you shouldn’t be ATC for a FNF at a busy class bravo.
Sorry for the rant but ATC needs to do better than this.

TLDR: I would like this report removed immediately.



We understand your frustration when you believe you were ghosted incorrectly. However, in these instances you should DM the controller who was controlling you to resolve the issue. Do you recall who the controller was? If not check your logbook it should say it there! :)

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Thanks, how do I find their information?

To find out who ghosted you, go to your flight logbook. It should say 1 report. It’ll say the controllers name. Find them here on the forum and send them a PM. @s1b2p5


Hey! I was your controller. I’ll shoot you a PM in a minute. Sorry for the confusion!


I’ll go do that, thanks^

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Controller will reach out to you via PM.