I’m here to discuss inactivity in airlines… I click on some of the airlines website links etc and they aren’t valid! (They don’t exist) which is a main factor for running a virtual airline before anything else?

I’ve applied for 10 virtual airlines on ifc database and not had a single reply! I am not naming and shaming but I’m extremely gutted by this ☹️

The realism is drifting

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Hey Benny!

If you just applied, perhaps give the staff team a period of 24-48 hours to get back to your application. Some VAs do reply via email as well, so be sure to check both your PM box, email inbox, and email spam folder. If it’s been more than 3-4 days, I’d shoot the VA a message.

As for the websites not working, some VAs/VOs may have websites under construction or under maintenance. Perhaps you may be on the old thread and/or website?

Hope everything goes well!


@Thunderbolt said most of the issue, but remember to stay as patient as possible. If you waited like 2 weeks and no reply just dm them about the issue. Make sure to be nice about it. Also remind yourself that running a VA is hard and its really stressful at times.

Also, check if they are still on the IFVARB database. You could be looking at a VA from 4 years ago.

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