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One Question regarding the new Center ATC: How will he know that I am not sitting at the Sim right now? Is there a button I need to press, because I need to leave the house for about 5 mins, how can I tell him that I am not there? So that he can’t ghost me…

The game can tell when was the last time you touched anything on screen. ATC get this information in the form of a circle indicator - green for active, yellow and hollow for away. This allows you to not be issued a violation when away from your device.

There is a dot that appear for the ATC beside your name which show active/away status.

Is there a limit, like after 5 mins inactivity that he will then get it.

I think 5 minutes will make no difference, the option that exist is for flights that aren’t monitored for hours, so don’t worry.

just make sure you don’t leave your device in the critical phases of your flight, like climb or descend

I believe it is two minutes, though I am not certain. To be safe, I would stay next to your device for about 5 minutes without touching anything and then leaving. This will allow you to make sure you are not given any instruction while ATC still sees you as active.

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Yeah, I mean in cruise, while on the frequency

dont worry about this, there is an indicator for ATC which shows you as “away” after no device input for 2 mins… atc will see that on the datatag. means possible conflict while cruise is handled as unintentional and should be left without consequences.

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I remember 2 minutes, and it will show as away

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