Inactive Runways due to Wind Conditions

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Hello, and welcome to this feature request!

What I am suggesting today is fairly simple, and it was actually a feature that used to be implemented in Infinite Flight, but it was removed.

I am suggesting that we add back the Runway XX is inactive due to current wind conditions. Please take off from other end (if able). I think this would be a huge help to pilots on the training server who may not know what the Green, Yellow, and Red writing over runways mean, so this can help them to understand the runway markings/labels better.


Thanks for checking out this feature request, and feel free to vote! Stay safe!

Voted. I think that would be much easier to read & efficient for pilots & ATC.
Make sure to vote on your request too!

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Not sure how this would work at airports where certain runways would still be used, even with say, a tailwind.

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What do you mean? I’m assuming they mean this feature would be an ATC command so ATC would know if the runway is still to be used with a tailwind and wouldn’t issue this command.

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OH NO! I hated this message. When it was still around, whenever I flew out of an airport like SAN or BUR, I would always get this message even though I just pushed back.

For example, I planned Runway 27 at SAN but since I was parked closer to Runway 9, the game assumed I was going to depart from Runway 9, so I would always get that message, which was annoying. I’m glad they removed it.

Plus, sometimes in real life, flights still land on “inactive” runways with a tailwind, so there are people like myself who would want to do the same. Having that message around all the time would be annoying especially when one is trying to mimic a real world flight


I guess this used to be an automated popup/announcement from the game? In that case, I think this should be added back but as an ATC command only.


My bad, then you guys can vote for the ATC command here:

But a red runway is not an inactive runway. its just an unfavorable runway to winds.some airports you have to take off from red runways sometimes such as KASE or TFFJ for example. so although this is a good idea. it also kinda doesnt work which is why i believe the took this message out and dont have it in game right now

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absolutely no. pilots can and sometimes do takeoff from a runway with a tailwind. just like @BigBert10 said I hated that message as will and glad they removed it as well

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And, if you look on FR24, aircraft land on runways that are marked as red on infinite flight very often. And what if ATC has aircraft going to these ‘inactive runways?’ This may have the background idea of realism, but when compared to the real world and how airports operate, it is far from realistic. This is a no from me.

Yeah, I thought it would be an ATC command.

Also, the other topic is quite old, so I’m not voting there.