Inactive runway

I’ve seen this on advanced a few times now. Aircraft are directed to take off/land on inactive (red) runways. I know that wind conditions can be within acceptable limits to allow with no problem, however, maybe pilots can be given an option to say to ground/tower/approach something like “confirm using inactive runway.” What do you think?

Probably would just be a nuance command like the request frequency change one.


Right. Would make our job a little bit harder, certainly when there is a lot of traffic.

I’d say the advanced controllers know what they are doing !

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I can assure you that controllers will put in considerable thoughts before operating on “red” runways.

Yeah, god forbid a controller makes a mistake 😂. Maybe a pilot reply " whatever." j/k.

We know the runway is red because every time we tell you to taxi to, hold short, takeoff, land, the runway is colored just like your screen. You get used to green lighted numbers so a red grabs your attention.