Inactive Runway warning on approach

Just to help out on the Tower controllers who have been pleading on a runway is closed button.I think it would be better to even inform that newbie on approach that the runway is closed and to please try the other end if possible


There is. XXXX the runway you requested is closed, expect vectors for runway XXX at XXX. Something like that at least, if you want, come to the New York region and Illl be approach and I’ll show you :)

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I know that’s what approach use for now but what about tower!!?it would really help if the warning was available to the pilot


Ok, your topic may not be too clear then, you didn’t mention anything about tower

Now is it?


Yeah, much better. Title as well should be something like inactive runway warning on tower like approach and you got yourself a perfect topic! :) I fully support this BTW :)

The exact problem I had when this happened to me today…
A tip for Approach and a rant on not following instructions -Rob'sTips:

It’s all over the forum if you search…about tower request that feature…but mine’s specifically to pilots this applies even for unicom and would help a lot

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