Inactive Controller Question

Hello, I just have a quick question about what to do when you experience a controller that doesn’t respond.

I had everything completed for pushback, and I contacted ground. No response. I waited a minute or two, and tried again. No response.

Should I have just left the gate anyway? Do I do the right thing by leaving? I rules out the first option quickly as I did not want the controller to be a troll and report me for not following instructions.

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What server were you on? If it was training server, then things like this are to be expected and there’s not much you can do about it.


I was in training, mainly because I wanted ATC. Should I just try to stay off there altogether?

Wait a bit. Once it’s been 3 minutes the controller will get kicked off anyway.


Yep, as @TimShan05 said above
There’s really nothing you can do about it
It’s the Training Server
And things like this happens a lot

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Normally the server will kick the controller out if he or she doesn’t respond for a certain amount of time, but it will also be glitched sometimes.


Training server ATC can’t ghost anyone - they’re not qualified, anyone can do it. If a training server ATC is being a troll, just ignore them like you would ignore a troll pilot, because nothing can be done about them.


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