Inactive Controller at KJFK on Training Server

Multiple attempts to communicate with controller at KJFK, only “active” for 18 hours.


Your answer lies in your title. « Training Server ». Once you reach grade 3 and enter the expert, this will never happen. But the training server isn’t moderated by anyone, so it’s common that people don’t really know what they’re doing. And that’s what the training server is for. To learn about a more « realistic » environment before reaching the expert server.

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I found this five year old response:

No idea why the controller hasn’t been kicked yet.
I’ve asked around.
Hopefully this will be resolved soon.


Thank you so much for your help and time, Jan! I really appreciate it!

Not saying it’s impossible to control for 4+ hours straight, but no responses from the tower controller ‘Controller’ again for several minutes at KJFK.

The controller is still there. It’s been 7 days since he started (according to my calculations).
It’s okay if someone stays for like 5 hours, but 7 days might be too much in my opinion

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Yeah, I went back this morning for however many days in a row now and they were “active” for 5 hours. I was going to reply to the message that I have with the IF Team, though it seems they can’t do anything.

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Right now it says “Tower Active for 11hrs” again but the user actually has been “Active” for over one week now!! :(

This user hasn’t linked his account to the IFC and that means he can’t be kicked.
The only way to solve this at this time is to restart the server.
That isn’t something you want to be doing often.
This seems to be a technical issue which is being investigated.
Hopefully a fix (timeout?) for this situation will be created soon.


He should be gone now. Server was just restarted :)