Inactive controller at KATL

@FlyingPitz is inactive at KATL at this time. Please have home removed from his ground position.

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Sorry for the ivconviencene. Mind specifying on what server your experiencing this on?


ES, but that’s not his ifc tag

Expert, I had this problem too, has not responded to any requests in at least 10 min.

he’s having some sort of issue

Sorry about this guys! I will get intouch with the controller asap!


when the ATC head out… Southwest 891 here.

You sure he has an issue and is not afk @robert_xing

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that could very well be the issue, we’re trying to sort out what exactly is going on

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They shouldn’t be AFK while controlling, especially since ATL has nearly 100 arrivals right now.

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I just spawned in and could hear the controller giving commands from Tower. @Declan_O has ATIS.

Tower or Ground?

It’s just the ground controller, someone else is controlling tower at the moment

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Hey guys!

Were trying to figure this out internally. Sorry about this issue once again! Should be resolved very soon!

ATIS is all clear ATM. Having issues with ground.

He should have been disconnected after a short time without responding to any commands so it is quite puzzling.

What Blake said, we are working on the issue atm, please stand by.

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Still there…

Yes confirmed, Ground is having issues. I’m certain someone alerted the controller and this will be resolved briskly. :)

Ok its all good now