Inaccurate Waypoints

On my last flight from St. Maarten to Point-a-Pitre I experienced the same inaccurate heading setting of the filed flight plan. The heading was 116 degrees. As I approach my destination I could realized that heading was incorrect. I was flying to the right side of the runway (I could see the runway far from my left). So, something is happening with those flight plan headings and waypoints. Please re-ckeck the accuracy of those.

Hi again

Are you following your flight plan or the ILS/GPS glideslope for Pointé a Pitre?

There are two headings: true and magnetic heading. I think the magnetic one belongs to the runway.

I was following my flight plan.

How could you differentiate between both?

My flight plan.


You should follow the ILS/GPS glideslope and not the waypoints. At some airports, waypoints don’t always follow the exact line to the runway, so I would rely on the glideslope, it’s spot on accurate

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You mean, to follow the heading displayed under the airport code?

Exactly. The heading shown there for the runway you’re landing on is the correct heading.

It should look like this:

ILS (Runway Number) TFFR
(Heading in degrees) (distance from runway in nm)

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Use “Bearing to Next” on the instrument dock. It will be accurate

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He’s not talking about following a flight plan accurately, he’s saying that when he’s approaching the runway, the waypoints along the runway glideslope are inaccurate (too far left/right) He needs to follow the glideslope heading rather than his flight plan heading

Yes, that was exactly what I said.

Sometimes both readings coincide, but for some reason, the runway is to the left / right —sometimes really far to the left / right and you need to make substantial adjustments to get the runway.

Changed the title a bit, just use the glide scope as the flight plan waypoints aren’t very accurate.

The best option is to add as a penultimate waypoint the one on the runway (R…), and then the blue/violet symbol of the airport. Then you´ll be able to follow the slope, after having locked the ILS/GPS for your runway.

Good. Will do that next time. Thanks.

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Using Global, there appears to be some issues with some waypoints being completely misplaced.

E.g. on a flight from OMDB to EPWA, KOVUS should be on the way, but IF puts it at the west of UIII. Likewise, on a flight from MGGT to KMIA, CANOA waypoint is position near SESA airport, whereas it should be off Mexico/Gulf of Mexico.

Is this a known issue? Something wrong? Or a way to fix it?


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