Inaccurate Times to Destination

I’ve been getting clearly unusual ETE to Dest readings lately. Some days ago, I was doing a flight from Glasgow to Nairobi and I was getting a flight time of about 7 hrs. 40 mins into the flight and the app crashed. Normally, it would take around 10hrs. Now I’m doing a flight from Kilimanjaro to Amsterdam and again, I’m getting an odd time to destination of 7hrs. The time got stuck at 7:15 for around 10 mins before continuing normally.

Hi there,

ETE to Dest times are calculated purely by the speed you are actively travelling at the time. For example if you are going 410knts Ground speed, your entire journey will be planned and estimated at this speed, rather than the changing speeds throughout your flight due to your altitude, and the wind.

To get a much accurate Estimated flight time, I’d highly suggest using Infinite Flight FPL Converter.


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