Inaccurate callsign selection for country code - Saudi Arabia

Hello, hope everyone is having a good evening, I have a concern regarding the Callsign menu, I want to use the Tail Number that corresponds with the 737-900 Factory Livery that represents a real life private aircraft that was owned by the late Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia. Below are images attached that refer to what I am concerned about. Hopefully this gets fixed very soon since I want to fly this aircraft with it’s callsign. Thank you. Format HZ-123A (HZ-103S)


This is because HZ-123A is not one of the available formats, the problems seems to be there.

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Yes I can see that, it is inaccurate and should be available.



Callsigns are not the same as aircraft registrations.

The HZ-### format on aircraft registrations in Saudi Arabia seems to be reserved for military/government operated/registered aircraft only. Not to be used as callsigns.

So it’s not an error. But we may be able to add an exception for this later on.