Inability to use Heavy/Super Suffix for inappropriate aircrafts

Hello! Here’s my feature request today!
The title resumes itself a little, but I’ll explain more.
It will be effective only on ES or TS

Let’s say : I want to do a flight on TS/ES with a A321. And I have chosen callsign : EVA 002 Heavy.
Obviously, no A321 can be considered as a “heavy”.

I suggest that it’ll give you a message :
“Your aircraft are not considered as Heavy”
And that way, you wouldn’t have to worry about someone taking off with a B738 with callsign : KLM 997292 SUPER"

Tell me what you think!!


Didn’t find any duplicate

Hey! This I believe is a duplicate. If not please correct me. Callsign HEAVY & SUPER allocated by IF automatically

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Oh. My mistake. Thanks for telling!
Wish you a good day!

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