Inability to Re-Download on Different Device

I recently acquired a second device, and tried to download Infinite Flight on it. However, upon arrival in the app store, it said that I must again pay the $4.99. I used the exact same iTunes account and everything. Have refreshed everything several times. Anyone know any workarounds or had this problem before?

I have not tried to press purchase, in fear that it will charge me, as it says it will.

iPhone 6S, latest version.


Go ahead and click on it. If it is the same iTunes account you used when your purchased it the first time, it should not charge you again.

A message should pop up saying you’ve already purchased this item… something like that and it should start downloading.

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When should that message come up? I clicked on it, and it said a charge of $5 will occur if you put in thumb print. If it occurs after, I’ll proceed.

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A Moderator should be with you soon. But I had this exact experience just recently. I’m on Android, but I have had IF on phone for a while and tried to download to a new tablet I bought and had same thing. I foumd out that my phone and tablet download two different versions of IF from the app store. With the new tablet apparently downloading the older version. So in essence two “accounts”. Do not hit purchase, it will charge you again. Unfortunately not much you can do if this is the case. Hope I could help iuntil mod helps you.

It should appear after you purchase it/put your fingerprint on it.

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You are right, it did not charge. Thanks for the help Jose.

Problem solved, can be closed.

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