Inability to hear ATC Voices but can talk and ATC is awnsering.

I’ll try that next time. Thanks!


Does this problem exist from the start of your flight, or did it occur somewhere during your flight?

And has this problem once or is it consistent, all the time?

IF can be sensitive and audio Comms can be disturbed when the IF app is (accidentally) closed or when recieving a call while flying or controlling. If had this many times during a controlling session and the only way out of this, is to close the app and start again.

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Thanks for hmo.
So, it occurs all along the flight.
It happens every time I fly.
I don’t receive any calls as I’m in Airplane Mode (irony, right?) when I fly.
Even when I control.

I would like to add some notes, that this issues are still exists for me and didn’t work for my last contact with ATC. please dont ask me to try to contact ATC, i didn’t purchased the live sub. Thanks

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