Inability to hear ATC communication

Hello! Here’s a re open of Inability to hear ATC Voices but can talk and ATC is awnsering. - #25
So I did all propositions. No solution helped.
So, basically I done :
Device reboot
TTS up-to-date
ATC sound at minimum before the flight and at max in flight.
Changing voice.

If you could help, it would be appreciated!

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So the problem you reported before has returned. Correct?

Is this with the same mobile device?
If so, have you tried installing IF on another device, to see if this would resolve it?

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It always the same. I didn’t heard any ATC comms from last time.

I’m on a Huawei P Smart 2019, and on my other device I don’t have any ATC comms either. It’s Huawei P10 lite.

Did you check the audio settings?

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I did, my ATC sound is at max.

Interesting. Is your phone/computer on mute?

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No it isn’t

Do you have headphones on?

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Either I’m on headphones and I don’t have ATC sound, or I’m with phone sound and I don’t have ATC. Neither work

Do you have headphones with audio control? Like the kind with an audio slider. Check to see if that is muted.

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So the problem was never resolved.
You’ve had no ATC voice sounds with your previous device and also with this Huawei P smart 2019, which is the same device you reported a month ago.

Is the above correct?

Do you hear engine and other audio ok?

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I don’t have one

Correct. I hear SFX but no ATC like Voice don’t exist. Before an update I don’t remember which one, my Huawei P10 lite was with ATC voices.
I honestly don’t know what happened.

Try leaving it for a bit and coming back later.

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If this was mid flight then,
Try going to settings and click on live and select same voice again
Resume the session

If not
I’m sorry
I have no idea

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Thanks for the imput though it happens all flight.

I didn’t flew on my Huawei P10 Lite for 1 month. It’s updated. I sometimes check if I can hear ATC. No results.

This is quite a mistery.
What was your previous mobile device model/type?

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Do you have sound issues in other apps?
Bluetooth on or off?
Tried to turn off airplane mode?
Tried factory reset?

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