In your opinion which has been the best airline you have flown with?

It was Qatar airways the food was exelent, the crew members were really nice, the seat was confortable and the times were really good we didnt had any time of delay and we didnt had any problem, also their entretainment is really good.
Also the planes were really modern and i have flown in a350, a380, 787, 777-300er and a321


Qantas all the way, fantastic service.


i flw on it. It was good but the crew werent nice

Really!? international or domestic?

Southwest for sure! They have the best customer service the cheapest prices and no hidden fees. Plus 2 bag fly free! How better can it get?


Southwest is the best!


Delta, love the planes and staff

Amerrican Airlines after all best airline of 2017

I love Hawaiian! My family will only use them when traveling to Hawaii. Their inflight entertainment is very reasonably priced, they provide free meals, and every flight except for inter-island flights are on widebody aircraft!

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Totally agreed! I’ve flown them 8 times never had a bad experience once. They have extremely friendly staff and when I was little (like 9,10,11) the pilots would invite me in the cockpit. They have cheap flights and I use them usually once a year to fly out of Long Island MacArthur airport 30 mins away to Fort Lauderdale to visit relatives

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Emirates, duh. Amazing service, food, IFE, and you gotta love the hot towel.


Just one and simple answer: Copa Airlines. Southwest is the best LLC I have flown in my life.

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no your favourite airlines in wich you have flown

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Oh maybe you’re right.

I fly southwest almost exclusively and they seem to be pretty good.

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I totally 100% agree with you. SOUTHWEST is the best airline. It can’t get any better with southwest

United. Never had any bad experiences. I have flow internationally twice, both business class. Flying them to Tokyo on a 787 in May, that will be the real test.

Hawaiian Airlines. They still serve complimentary meals on their PHNL-KJFK; KJFK-PHNL routes

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air new zealand because of excellent service, aircraft and leg room, great seat quality and because of there good refund policy

also the fact you can order hot/cold food and hot/cold drinks on your touch screen :)

Also because the 787-9 is there main aircraft on international flights

Honestly I gotta give it to jetBlue :)